2 in 1 Smart Touch Screen Car Cup Warmer & Cooler

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During long drives you may find it difficult to keep your favorite drink in its desired temperature. Families with toddlers find it more difficult to keep the toddler’s drinks in desired temperature make them more often pit stop the vehicle for them to make the drinks.

We found a solution for you. The Hot or Cold Cup Holder for Vehicles is a beverage holder that is capable of warming or cooling a beverage to a temperature suitable for consumption. It provides a space to store the beverage, an apparatus capable of heating or cooling the stored beverage, switching capable of changing the cup holder mode from heating to cooling and vice versa, and the power system necessary to support these functions.

  • Warmer & Cooler New 2-in-in car cup holder for beverage warmer or cooling. The Car Cup Holder can hold cups or cans within 2.8 inch in diameter. Cooling and Heating modes for your choices,temperature ranges from -5℃ or heat to 53 ° C
  • Easy To Use One-button heating or cooling, plug the adapter of the car cup warmer and cooler to the cigarette lighter directly, just press the heat or cool button according to your need (Blue light means cooling and the red light means heating).
  • Display Temperature When using the smart car cup, it will display the current heating or cooling temperature, and you can accurately know the temperature of the beverage you need when heating or cooling the beverage.
  • Perfect Gift: This Car Coffee Warmer is a ideal companion for going on trips or out for work. It allows you have a cold drink or a hot coffee anytime and anywhere. Best gift for Chistmas, Thansgiving Day, Birthday etc.
  • Note This product cann't reduce the temperature of the beverage to -5℃ or heat to 53 ° C in a short time. What we offer you is a long time (such as a day) to keep the beverage at about -5℃ or about 55℃. It takes about10 to 20 minutes for the beverage to heat up or cool down, after which it can be kept at the temperature you need.

Package Contents

1X Car Warm & Cold Cup 

1X Car Charger 

1X Base 

1X Manual

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