Multipurpose 360 Degree Rotatable Ring Mobile Phone Holder

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With the release of More expensive phones like the Samsung Note 10 and iPhone 11 becoming “the norm,” it makes more sense than ever to get a better product to hold your phone when you watch a movie on youtube or Netflix without altering its rich design.

Expensive phone holders are not portable and Most of the phone holders comes with phone cases which degrade the phone design. So we have came up with a solution that Our phone holder can be removable and portable. 

  • Used as a phone holder only when required. 
  • Magnetic car mount compatibility.
  • Can be removed and fixed anytime
  • Durability. Our Ring Holders has a metal finish, a fitted ring connection, and smooth ball-bearing rotation.
  • 360° rotating ring-grip.
  • Your phone can be held with one finger or hung easily from hooks and other mounts.

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