Rechargeable Electric Palsma Lighter

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USB rechargeable cigarette lighters have been growing in popularity in the last couple of years. This is due to the various benefits associated with these products. Besides, depending on the brands, these lighters come with many amazing features, and they can even be used by non-smokers. For instance, other than lighting cigarette, the
Plasma Beam Lighter can be used to light barbecues, candles, and campfires. Below is a rundown of the main benefits of the USB Rechargeable Cigarette Lighter.

It is Easier to Recharge

For all you need is a USB cable, and you can connect it to your laptop computer or mobile phone charger for an hour or so. After it has fully been charged.

It is Windproof

One of the most interesting features of this lighter is that is flameless. Instead of producing a flame, it produces an electric beam that doesn't blow out, and therefore, it can work even the windiest environment. 

It is Safer

Butane lighters are simply small containers of highly flammable gases. They, therefore, can break, spill, and lead to unfortunate accidents. On the other hand, USB rechargeable cigarette lighters do not have any flammable gasses. They also come with safety featured which prevents an electric arc from forming when the lid is closed. Besides, the regular lighters are known to create big flames, and anything around it including hair and clothes can catch fire. This is not the case with the USB rechargeable cigarette lighters.

Saves Money and the Environment

Disposable lighters harm the environment in addition to wasting your money. With a USB researchable lighter, you just push the ignition button and to produce up to 900 degrees of instant heat, without producing any harmful emissions.