Multitool Tactical Tool

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We run into all kinds of problems when we are going through our daily lives. These problems can cause us a lot of trouble if we don't have the tools to fix them. If we have the right tools they can be easily fixed. But, the problem for most of us is that we can't go around living our lives while carrying a toolbox in one hand. A toolbox is heavy, ugly and carrying one with you everywhere you go is simply impractical. This is where multi-tools can lend us a hand. 

Multi-tools are small little instruments that can help you in any kind of situation. They are largely used by campers and hikers, but they aren't just for them. You can take advantage of the benefits of multi-tools by just having one in your pocket. So, let's discuss the benefits of having our multi-tool on you at all times.

A handheld our multi-tool is made up of a few different tools. Most of them have a wrench, screwdriver, wire cutters, bottle opener, pliers, file, can opener, knife and a lot of other tools depending on the model. 

The main benefit of owning a multi-tool is that you have everything in one small package. Multi-tools are also lightweight and you won't even know you are carrying one, until the moment where you need it. Everything is right there in your pocket and you are ready to use it at any moment. You carry a multi-tool and use it in both outdoor and indoor activities and situations and with the Leatherman bit driver extender, it's even better. Plus, the knife serves as a self-defence tool. You can use it if you are attacked by an animal in the wild. It also comes very handy in survival situations.


Material:420 Stainless Steel

Open Size:11CM

Folding Size:7CM X 3.5CM X 1.2CM

Package Included

1*Portable Tactical Pliers With Nylon Bag