USB Multi Socket Quick Charge Adepter

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Many of us have begun to acquire more and more USB-based devices, which means that we need USB ports to plug them into. The typical desktop computer now comes with more USB ports than it used to—generally four to six versus the original two—but sometimes that still isn’t enough.

From our cellphones, tablets, music players, to Bluetooth speakers, sometimes we need some extra ports to allow us to charge all of our devices. That’s where a USB hub comes in. These handy devices are extensions that you can attach to your wall socket and charge multiple devices at once. When in the market for a new USB hub, you’ll quickly discover that there are two types to choose from: powered and non-powered. The main difference is that powered USB hubs can be plugged into an electrical outlet and rely on their own internal power supply to charge your devices whereas non-powered hubs are plugged into your actual computer and will take their energy from there.

Universal compatibility 

Relies on Own Power

Charge multiple component at once

Over current protection


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