Flexible Neck Phone Bracket / Holder

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you are tired of holding your phone in your hand while watching a movie or YouTube videos you can make use of our neck cell phone holder to give your hands rest

  • RELAX – give your arms and hands a rest with our lazy cell phone holder which can be worn around the neck to hold your phone in place. Watch videos, make calls, live stream and vlog without having to hold your phone the entire time
  • POSITION – we have designed our cell phone holder for hand and arm relief with an adjustable 360 angle, so you can create the perfect position for your phone. You can wrap it around your car or bicycle steering wheel, you can put it on the ground or bed, you can do anything with it. The mount is positioned an appropriate distance from your eyes so as not to strain them when viewing
  • SIZE – completely flexible and bendy so you can create various positions for your phone with little effort. Use lying in bed, sitting on the sofa, at a desk, on a plane or when on the floor. It is lightweight, so it won’t put pressure on your neck and it’s easy to carry too
  • COMPATIBILITY – whatever smart phone you use it can be connected to our cell phone holder. Made from quality aluminium alloy and ABS material as well as a foam cover, so you can enjoy hands free phone use in total comfort
  • GIFT – our cell phone holder makes an ideal present for friends, co-workers and family members who can enjoy a funny and relaxing way to use their cell phone holder for bed, travelling and working. Surprise them with the must have phone accessory of the year

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