Fingerprint Smart Anti Theft USB Padlock

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In case you are after your safety and security, perhaps it would be best for you to decide on purchasing high tech types of door lock systems such as a Finger Print Door Lock. This type of device allows the user or the owner of the house to access in and out of the building without worrying a bit about misplaced, stolen, or lost keys. In addition, you will never have to think on where you had left or where you must hang your keys in order to avoid losing them from time to time.

Product Features

  • High Tech Chip Using high-tech chips, fingerprint processing is faster, unlocking is more convenient, and your home is safer.
  • 10 finger Print Storage Record 10 times and save 10 groups can be used by the whole family.
  • 0.1s Unlock 360° arbitrary angle biometric recognition, induction rate ≤0.1s
  • USB Recharging
  • Low Battery Reminder