2-in-1 Premium Fast Defrosting Tray

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Did it slip your mind to grab meat from the freezer to defrost? No problem. With the right defrosting tray, you won't ever have to toss your carefully curated meal plan again. This kitchen accessory speeds up the tedious thawing process to help you get dinner on the table in no time. Choose from a variety of tray sizes and materials to thaw anything that's been tucked away in your freezer, from chicken breasts to big juicy steaks. 

  • DEFROST 8X FASTER The thaw defrosting tray is made of conductive aluminum which is an extremely efficient conductor of heat. The defrosting plate defrosts frozen food 10 times faster than at room temperature. It takes about 30-60 minutes to defrost most frozen food. Defrosting time varies based on the thickness of the item. Thin food items like burger patties, sausages, and minute steaks are fast to defrost; thick steaks and large chicken breasts take longer.
  • FRESH & SAFE A silver ion antibacterial coating makes the defrost plate thaw frozen foods naturally and retains the original flavor and nutrition of the food. Made of non-toxic materials, it is food safe and suitable for everyday use. Food will defrost faster if it is wet with water before being placed on the defrost plate.

  • TIDY & CONVENIENT Integrated gutter prevents food liquids from spilling onto your kitchen worktop, keeping your kitchen clean and neat. Easy to use, just place your food on the thawing plate and wait for it to defrost. It's non-stick and can be quickly hand washed.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY Completely natural thawing, no chemicals, electricity or hot water is required. You can defrost food quickly and safely without using a microwave oven which can often partially cook your food during the defrosting process. The aluminum defrosting tray is also safe and remains cool to touch at all times.