Electric Pulse Neck Massager

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There are several things that can cause tension in your neck and shoulders, and for some reason the two go hand in hand. Getting stressed, at work or at home will cause you to tense your neck and shoulder muscles, and this will often lead to pain in your neck, shoulder or both. Working constantly sat infront of a computer for hours can have the same effect, as such office workers often suffer fron neck and shoulder pain. However this isnt limited to white collar workers . If you are driving all day, say if your job is to deliver stuff by car, spending hours holding the steering wheel will also contribute to neck and shoulder stress.

So what can you do to reduce the constant pain that your neck and shoulders are in? I for one often hunch my shoulders and neck in pain, which only makes the matter worse, and painkillers only ease the pain, not solve it. One of the best ways to release this tension and build up in your neck and shoulders is to use the right massager, one that has been specifically manufactured to target those areas. Although some back massagers are great, not all are ideal for neck and shoulders.

Using a good Neck and Shoulder massager can relieve pain.

How Do Neck and Shoulder Massagers Work?

Neck massagers work by stimulating the muscles and the nerve endings of the nape of the neck, back and base of the head  as well as your shoulders with gentle yet effective massage strokes. Many neck 7 shoulder massagers are made of comfortable cotton or polyester lining over a durable plastic or lightweight metal enclosure that fits along your neck and shoulders like a large neck pillow. They have different buttons to control vibration speed and may also have heat controls to help soothe and relax the neck, back and shoulder areas.

All of these may only weigh up to 3 pounds or less so it is easy to have it on your neck and back. Some massagers may come in battery operated options for a more convenient relaxing experience or may be corded and can even be converted to get power from a car’s dashboard with a 9 volt car adapter accessory.

What are the health benefits of using a neck massager?

Aside from soothing neck pain, headaches, shoulder and back pain, a neck & shoulder massage can also:

  • help improve sleep,
  • help relieve stress from a long work day,
  • improve appetite
  • promote good mood in depressed persons.