Anti Gravity Cell Phone Case For iPhones

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Anti Gravity Cell Phone Case For iPhones

Are you spending money on different phone holders and cases for varying surfaces. Here we have found you a solution. A cell phone case can be stick on any surface.

Our Anti Gravity Cell Phone Case For iPhones has carefully constructed and “anti-gravity” cell phone case offers you the ability to place your phone on certain smooth, flat surfaces – including vertical ones – and count on it to stay there. Metal, glass, cabinets, whiteboards, tile, computer screens etc.The way that this works is by using micro suction technology, carefully gripping the surface and locking the cell phone case into place. Its “sticks without being sticky,” the first cell phone case to do so. Imagine the things you could do! The possibilities are nearly endless! Place your phone on your bathroom mirror while you follow a make up tutorial or maybe to your kitchen cabinet while you reference a recipe as you cook.

The cell phone case itself attracts very little lint, and what lint does collect can be wiped off with a damp cloth. It functions well as a simple case, protecting your phone from what would have been a shattering fall. Since the cell phone case can stick to things like windows, whiteboards, and computer screens with one firm press, we are able to incorporate our phones into our lives at a level we have never seen before. In this day and age, when people create tools such as this, we are truly making humans, as a whole, limitless.

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