Ultra Thin Slim Transparent Soft iPhone Cases

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Why Do I Need a Clear Phone Case?

Did you know that about one out of every four smart phone users does not have a protective case on their phone? That means that a large number of people are going to be heading to the phone repair shop, or buying a new phone before the end of the year! This is because if they drop their phone, and most of us do at least once a week, chances are it’s going to crack or smash at some point.

Many people erroneously believe that buying a smart phone case is going to make it much heavier, or make it bulkier. Some don’t like the idea of a boring, ugly case, and don’t look much further than the mall kiosks that offer generic selections at best. Other people love the elegance of their phones and don’t wish to cover them up. They may also believe that smart phone cases are too expensive, or think that they’re careful enough that they’ll never ever drop their phones. 

Whether you have a phone case or not there can be benefits to owning a clear phone case. Since this type of case is clear, you can see straight through it. Many people find that the design of the iPhone, are sleek and elegant. Many people wish to show off their cool phones, rather than cover them with a solid color. It can be a status symbol to show off your phone at college or work. This can still be achieved by using a clear phone case.

It can also be fun to have a simple design on your clear phone case rather than something covering up the entire back. A clear phone case is also lightweight, and will add little extra weight or bulk to your phone.

As for thinking that you’ll never drop your phone, maybe you won’t, but what if a friend is using it, or your pet dog knocks it on the floor?

Another reason for a protective smart phone case is to keep it free of moisture, and crumbs or food stains. Often many people eat or drink when using their smart phones. Food and moisture can get into your smart phone too easily. A protective case can at least keep some of these foreign particles from getting inside. 

A clear phone case offers you many options.

  1. Have a simple clear case to see your Apple logo.
  2. Choose a photograph that covers the entire back and sides.
  3. Choose to have one small graphic on the back so that most of the phone can be seen


Material - Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Transparent Glossy Design. 

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